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LifeBond, founded in 2007 , develops and manufactures medical devices for bio-surgery and tissue repair, intended to save lives and reduce post operative complications.  The proprietary components of the company’s extensive product pipeline are distinctively comprised of 100% natural origin, bio-surgical materials with an established safety profile. LifeBond’s products combine the unique properties of bio-surgical implants with the regulatory benefits of medical devices, with simpler manufacturing processes and delivery as well as generally less expensive products.

With customized production processes, the components can be delivered either as a liquid matrix or as dry foam and can be optimized to fit a variety of applications such as fixation adhesive,sealant, hemostat and scaffolds for regenerative medicine. LifeBond’s various products are tailored according to surgical need and designed to provide a range of deliverables, according to the respective surgical requirements.  The goal is to create a wound site environment that supports the body’s natural healing and tissue repair processes.

In 2016, following completion of successful clinical validation, the technology was CE marked for its first clinical use under the company’s first product LifeSeal Surgical Sealant, a medical device intended to be used as an adjunct to suture or staple-line during standard surgical repair of the GI tract (anastomosis or linear) to provide reinforcement and help reduce leaks.

LifeBond’s current products line is designed under two main mode of actions: Fixation and Sealing with the main goal of reducing post-operative complications and improving patients recovery.

The fixation platform is designed to fit multiple clinical applications where safe non-traumatic implant-tissue fixation is required such as hernia repair, dural repair and breast reconstructions. LifeMesh Self-Fixating Mesh, is intended to provide secure surgical mesh fixation for hernia repair procedures.  LifeMesh™ aims to provide atraumatic tissue fixation through its embedded adhesive layer. It is designed to reduce post surgical complications currently associated with penetrative mesh fixation (such as tacks or sutures).  LifeBond’s proprietary production process provides the technology to transform nearly any commercial mesh into a self-fixating mesh. In the US alone, approximately 1M hernia repair procedures are performed annually.

The sealing platform, first introduced through LifeBond’s LifeSeal Surgical Sealant product, is now further developed as DrySeal, a dry sealing patch.  DrySeal, utilizing the same technology for clinical use of tissue sealing,  is a ready-to-use dry sealing patch designed to prevent wide range of post-operative leakages (liquid or air). Preliminary performance testing confirmed potential use in sealing wide list of tissue leaks such as bile leak, GI leaks, air leaks and more.

LifeMesh™ and DrySeal™ are investigational devices and has not yet been approved for sale in any market.