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The Unmet need:

Post-operative leakage of air or fluids is a life threatening complication associated with numerous surgical procedures such as pancreatic resection, liver resection (bile leak), gastrointestinal tract leak and air leak following thoracic surgery.  In Europe and the US together there are more than 1 million such procedures with leakage rates reaching as high as 30%, which are associated with high morbidity and life-threatening situations.

Dry Sealing Patch:

DrySeal is a unique, dry surgical patch designed to prevent wide range of post-operative leakages (liquid or air). DrySeal is an advanced product generation and part of LifeBond’s sealing platform, first introduced through the LifeSeal Surgical Sealant product.

In 2016, following completion of successful clinical validation, the technology was CE marked for its first clinical use as LifeSeal Surgical Sealant, a medical device indicated for use as an adjunct to suture or staple-line during standard surgical repair of the GI tract to provide reinforcement and help reduce leaks.

DrySeal, utilizing the same technology for clinical use of tissue sealing,  is designed as a ready-to-use dry sealing patch for prevention leakage complications in a variety of open and minimally invasive surgical applications such as liver surgery, lung surgery, kidney surgery, gastrointestinal surgery and more.

*DrySeal is an investigational device and is currently not available for sale or distribution and has not been approved by any regulatory authority.